Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (and work hard for it!)

As you may be able to tell, the Bunny is older than me. It's not something I sought out, but that's how it worked out, and while I love him for HIM (at any age), there are some perks to dating an older gentleman.

One of those perks is the fact that his friends are closer to achieving their life goals and have often already become the person they are capable of being; in other words, they've reached their peak. Don't get me wrong: I embrace that my friends and I, at age 24, are still very much in our "formative" years and have nearly limitless possibilities before us...but won't it be interesting to see what paths we ultimately choose?

As a child I always had older friends; one of my best friends in middle school was my 50-year-old English teacher. It was so interesting to me that she had already carved her own path, made mistakes along the way, and was all the better and more beautiful for it. Fortunately for me, she was only the first in a long series of wonderful older mentors that I've been blessed to encounter. My life has been so much richer because I've been able to build upon these womens' experiences. And it's really no surprise that I gravitated toward the older (and sometimes wiser--though I don't want to give him TOO much credit) Bunny.

This past weekend, The Bunny and I celebrated one of his friends' achievements at Jazz Standard, Blue Smoke restaurant's downstairs jazz club. A classmate from Bunny's Harvard days, Josh Redman is now one of the most respected jazz musicians in the world and tours with his band, The Joshua Redman Trio. Josh was kind enough to treat us to tickets to the sold-out event. We met a visiting German couple who came out of their way to hear Josh play; they said he is famous even in Germany.

Josh, at left on sax; at right, the Trio

The music was so, so excellent. Smooth, upbeat, sensuous, mysterious, familiar, fun; jazz expresses a range of emotion not found in many musical genres. And I must say that eating Blue Smoke's award-winning BBQ during the concert only made the experience that much more savory.

It was so nice to see Josh enjoying his well-earned success. And I can't wait until I am able to celebrate my friends being at the top of their game...



Black Labs and Lilly said...

Having older friends and mentors is such a gift, and a great benefit for getting different perspectives on lifes ups and downs.

Oh! and cheers to dating older men!!

MCW said...

So's hard to date men who have not quite found their way. Where did you and Bunny meet?